Capital solution

A new end-to-end journey for investing at Lloyd’s with simpler, nimbler rules and processes and new structured investment opportunities, supported by a new capital platform, improving the experience of existing members and attracting new alternative capital providers.

What it includes

  • Simpler, nimbler capital rules and processes (such as varying investment durations, capital withdrawal) and appropriate legal structures to increase ease and cost-effectiveness of navigating Lloyd’s for capital providers
  • New, complementary structured investment opportunities (such as ILS cell-structures, follow-only, and tracker products) providing capital providers with new, simpler-to-understand, more attractive ways to participate in the market
  • A central capital platform that increases the ease of matching risk and capital, and improves the investor experience by making it easier to operate at Lloyd’s and providing greater transparency of performance and risk

What will be delivered in Phase I

In Phase I (2020), we will deliver:

  • Improvements to current-state rules and processes for 2021 year of account at the latest, including: improved capital rules and processes, and appropriate legal structures; a new digital system to manage capital (Funds at Lloyd’s)
  • End-state components, including: a first production release of the central capital platform; new structured investment opportunities with live transactions across use cases, including the first ILS transaction through the new capital solution at Lloyd’s

See chapter 5 of Blueprint One for details of the capital solution.