Claims solution

A digital solution that triages and routes claims, automates decision making for the simplest claims, and assists complex claim handling, underpinned by a new claims orchestration platform, therefore delivering an improved customer experience.

What it includes

  • An interface enabling simple and digital submission of loss information, improving transparency, and enhancing customer experience
  • Accurate, intelligent triaging of claims (at first notification of loss and throughout the lifecycle of the claim) to route claims to one of three handling processes: straight-through processing, non-complex and complex
  • Smart workflow with new market-wide claims messaging and orchestration for effortless claims agreement and process flow
  • Automated straight-through processing from first notification of loss to payment for the simplest, high-volume claims through business rules and automated checks
  • A market claims service taking advantage of technology and economies of scale in the assessment and processing of high volumes of non-complex claims
  • Greater empowerment for the lead underwriter to handle and settle complex claims
  • A suite of centrally procured tools and services (e.g. event insights, rapid catastrophe response services, ring-fenced expert network) to efficiently manage claims and provide improved service
  • Enhanced payment, accounting and administration service to speed up claims payments
  • An event observer that integrates external data sources to automate remote assessment of simple claims and improve decision-making for other claims

The claims solution will also draw upon a set of enabling services common to the Future at Lloyd’s, including a common data platform and data enrichment services that support claims handlers and processes

Watch our demonstration

This video is a demonstration of how the complex risk platform could work in the Future at Lloyd's

What will be delivered in Phase I

In Phase I (2020), we will deliver:

  • Improvements to the current state: updated Lloyd’s claims scheme; automated agreement for low-value payments; enhanced catastrophe management service; repatriated loss funds; short-term improvements to selected existing processes
  • Detailed design and foundational elements planned in preparation for replacement of ECF and associated claims infrastructure
  • Pilot new components of the claims solution for a selected class of business: a pilot of the multi-channel interface, triage engine, and mechanism for straight-through claims processing for the pilot class of business

See chapter 4 of Blueprint One for details of the claims solution.