The Lloyd's ecosystem

The global marketplace to buy and sell insurance, offering a one-stop shop of high-quality, cost-efficient products and services to cover even the most complex risk needs.

It will comprise six integrated solutions that together provide exceptional value for customers and market participants.

Complex risk platform

A digital, end-to-end platform that complements face-to-face negotiation to submit, quote, bind, issue, endorse and renew complex risks for insurance and reinsurance business. This will evolve over time from a ‘document-plus-data’ to a ‘data-first’ solution.

Lloyd's risk exchange

A Lloyd’s digital exchange that connects to existing systems or provides a new user interface and enables instant search, quote, bind and issue for less complex risks, improving the speed of placement and customer experience.

Claims solution

A digital solution that triages and routes claims, automates decision making for the simplest claims, and assists complex claim handling, underpinned by a new claims orchestration platform, therefore delivering an improved customer experience.

Capital solution

A new end-to-end journey for investing at Lloyd’s with simpler, nimbler rules and processes and new structured investment opportunities, supported by a new capital platform, improving the experience of existing members and attracting new alternative capital providers.

Syndicate in a box

A new way to bring innovative new syndicates into the Lloyd’s market and give them the best chance of success.

Services hub

The services hub is at the centre of Lloyd’s future value proposition, building on existing capabilities and providing new, innovative services that offer value to market participants, customers and competitive advantage for Lloyd’s.

The solutions above are built on six foundations in order to create their full potential value

Underwriting performance


Modern syndication of risk

Culture and people

A refocused Corporation of Lloyd's