Collaborating on the Future at Lloyd's

Building the Future at Lloyd’s will be a challenging and exciting journey. The scale of transformation will have a marked impact on the way the market functions. In addition to the work the Corporation will do to execute this blueprint, we actively encourage market participants to continue to collaborate closely. The value of collaboration as we move beyond the blueprint is critical to this entire endeavour.

There will be many ways in which market participants can actively engage with the Future at Lloyd’s. We recognise that not all individuals and firms will have capacity to be extensively involved, but all participation is welcomed and appreciated.

In the near future, we will be looking for market participants to help refine our ideas and test our prototypes - please check back soon for further details.

At this time, please use the links to either register for updates or ask us a question. You can also reach out to

Register your Interest in programme vacancies and roles by emailing

See chapter 13 of Blueprint One, Roadmap for delivery for details.