Middle and
back office

Executive sponsor: Rob Myers, LMA

Workstream lead: Jabir Saleh

What it is

Blueprint One set out an ambition to deliver a centralised, simplified and automated accounting and settlement service for new placement, claims and other Future at Lloyd's solutions. Middle and back office is a next-generation capablilty for connecting syndicates, brokers, delegated authority partners, insureds, re-insureds and relevant third-parties. Our aim is frictionless processing driven by reliable data from trusted sources.

Our progress
during transition

Learn about the progress we have made since setting up this new workstream in February 2020.

How we will
deliver Phase I

We will set out the vision, strategic design and transformation roadmap for middle and back office, and will build delivery momentum through quick-wins and pilots throughout 2020.

How middle and back office will create value for stakeholders


  • Smoother and quicker processing drives more competitive pricing for customers


  • Adoption of standards facilitates more digital trading opportunities
  • Opportuntities to reduce costs because of smoother processes and more automation


  • Future-proofed systems and opportunities to move towards more managed services
  • Adoption of standards to create better quality data for actuarial and regulatory needs