Our 2020 priorities

As we move into the rest of the year we will continue to focus on our three main priorities: Placement, Delegated Authority and Claims. We are also prioritising three other components that are essential parts of Future at Lloyd's infrastructure. These are: data and technology;middle and back office; and lead/follow. These six workstreams are intended to provide a robust foundation for the other Future at Lloyd’s initiatives.


  • The impacts of COVID-19, including the temporary closure of the underwriting room, reinforced the importance of electronic placement
  • Therefore, we are continuing to develop PPL as our document-plus-data version for complex risks, as well as scoping work on a data-first solution
  • We will deliver further APIs to increase the digital flow of data and reduce manual data entry
  • To further enhance the market’s resilience, we are building a Virtual Underwriting Room. The first phase will include an improved market directory, online ‘chat’ capability and a virtual meeting booking system that will enable ‘face to face’ negotiation. We’ll start with a sub-class of business and build in more over time
  • We’ll continue our user led research approach to ensure we focusing on solving pain points from a users’ perspective and develop solutions to meet those needs.
  • Future benefits will include the ability to increase the flow of digital data through the replacement process, an enhanced user experience for PPL and the ability to place risks whether you’re in the underwriting room or working remotely.

Delegated authority

  • We will be improving binder contract registration through higher quality data, reduced manual data entry and reduced data errors by replacing BAR.
  • We are focusing on a faster, simplified coverholder approval, onboarding and compliance process to attract and retain our delegated authority business by replacing ATLAS.
  • We will also be introducing a digital contract builder that will enable brokers to build and register contracts, and share the data seamlessly across Lloyd’s delegated authority platforms.
  • We’ll see the first technology drop for our Delegated Contract Manager including the first phase contract builder later this year, with market adoption currently targeted for Q1 2021
  • In addition, we are investigating the integration of data between existing leading bordereaux systems and DA SATS (Delegated Data Manager) to enable market wide delegated authority reporting through just one platform.
  • Future benefits will include a seamless, joined up delegated authority ecosystem, enhancing customer experience with fewer delays and a more efficient process.


  • In response to the market challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Claims Lab quickly pivoted its efforts in order to help people and businesses recover faster through focusing on improvements to help streamline the claims process for our policyholders.
  • These improvements included increasing the threshold for claims administered under the Lloyd's Claims Scheme, as well as launching a pilot for Small Claims Auto Settlement (SCAS) in order to speed up the claims agreement process.
  • During the rest of 2020, market and customer impact will be realised through further tactical improvements to drive simplification and greater responsiveness in our claims process. This will include improvements to customer experience in response to catastrophic events, coupled with significant progress on delegated authority process re-engineering activity.
  • By the end of 2020, we will have executed on these tactical improvements, while having laid the foundation for longer-term business and technology change. This foundational work is currently being delivered in collaboration with various market participants via iterative future state business and high-level process designs that focus on: effective claims orchestration and routing; automation opportunities; efficient use of Claims data and insight; and critical technology issues.

Data and technology

The Future at Lloyd’s will be enabled by technology. In 2020 we will focus on defining API gateways and delivering APIs for various proofs of concept and pilots.

A single source of structured, standard data will underpin the marketplace of the future.

In 2020, we will develop a data framework and data standards, and work across the Future at Lloyd's to define the shared data platform and set this up within the cloud.

Middle and back office

A new workstream focused on delivering a centralised, simplified and automated accounting and settlement service, plus other support capabilities for the Future at Lloyd's. Our aim is frictionless processing driven by reliable data from trusted sources.

In 2020 we will set out the vision and scope for this workstream.


Lead follow seeks to deliver best in breed underwriting by leaders, whilst making it simpler and cheaper for followers to follow.

New lead/follow standards and an oversight framework will be designed and piloted. This activity is jointly led by Lloyd's and the Lloyd's Market Association (LMA).

View the workstreams plans for Q3 and Q4 here

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