What is it?

Our focus for placement has evolved since the publication of Blueprint one. We started the year with a view on developing the automation of commoditised risks through the risk exchange and a two prong approach to complex risks solutions through document to data and data first solutions.

Our progress to date

Learn about the progress we have made since we published Blueprint One on 30 September 2019.

Our focus for 2020

How will improving placement create value for stakeholders


  • Reduced costs of complex risk coverage
  • Faster placement of complex risks Increased transparency


  • Structured data enabling efficient processes and reduced
  • Error and Omissions (E&O) exposure
  • Easier access to the right markets to meet customers’ risk appetite
  • Contracts that are right first time


  • Structured data, enabling efficient processes
  • Contracts that are right first time without the overhead of compliance checks
  • Underwriters able to focus efforts on value-adding tasks rather than administration