Services hub

The services hub is at the centre of Lloyd’s future value proposition, building on existing capabilities and providing new, innovative services that offer value to market participants, customers and competitive advantage for Lloyd’s.

What it includes

  • Design, development, access, management and monetisation of the services that underpin the future Lloyd’s ecosystem
  • Lloyd’s service design and management framework, tailoring the design to user needs and setting standards for all services in the Lloyd’s ecosystem
  • Accreditation process: third-party service providers will be accredited against Lloyd’s standards in order to offer services via the hub
  • A common portal through which participants can easily access all services available within the Lloyd’s ecosystem

What will be delivered in Phase I

In Phase I (2020), we will deliver:

  • Development and first release of service design and management framework, including standards, Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators and options to monetise future services
  • Development of a catalogue of Lloyd’s current services
  • Assessment of operational, regulatory, tax and legal implications of the services hub – to include opportunity to reduce duplication of activity with other stakeholders
  • Identification of future services and design of ‘end state’ model for services hub
  • Identification and engagement of capabilities required within the Corporation to run the services hub
  • Development and first release of accreditation process and associated standards
  • First wave of services prioritised, developed and launched
  • Services portal pilot delivered

See chapter 7 of Blueprint One for details of the services hub.