Syndicate in a box

A new way to bring innovative new syndicates into the Lloyd’s market and give them the best chance of success.

What it includes

  • A way of entering the market to prove a business proposition over an initial three years, that gives applicants the best chance of success
  • A transparent set of qualifying criteria so that applicants understand whether they fit
  • A clear and streamlined entry process to enable approval within three months
  • Specific rules of participation to balance opportunities and constraints
  • Quarterly review and annual assessment carried out by the Corporation to ensure that the business remains accretive, profitable, and delivers to its original business plan
  • Access to the Lloyd’s services hub and integration with other Future at Lloyd’s solutions to enable syndicates in a box to operate efficiently

What will be delivered in Phase I

From the beginning of 2020, a live syndicate in a box pilot will be operating under the new conditions and the Corporation will start considering applications for new syndicates in a box. During 2020, the Corporation will assess which aspects of the new entry process should be applied to all new syndicate entrants in the future.

See chapter 6 of Blueprint One for details of syndicate in a box.